August 22nd, 2018

The FND Enterprise Cooperative Credit Union requires that the following basic information be reviewed concerning the legal status of all loan applicants:


       Full name, address, telephone number

       Name of reference/referee, if not previously known

       Particulars of business in which person is involved – past and present.


Sole Traders

       Registration name of sole trader, may be own name or a trading name

       Date of registration and a copy of certificate

       Bankers to business



       Partnership agreement

       Notification if there are any limitations for any partner

       List of all partners, including silent partners

       Bankers to business



       Articles and Memorandum of Association

       Certificate of Incorporation

       Extract of:

(a)     Authority to

(i)      borrow

(ii)      pledge assets

(iii)     guarantee

(b)     Powers to sign on behalf of company

(c)     Resolution to borrow from The Credit Union and to pledge assets; indication of capacity of persons to complete the transactions.

       Name of bankers to the Company

       Indication as to whether the Company is limited or unlimited in liability

       List of all directors and officers

       If possible with small companies, list of shareholders



       Copy of Registration Certificate

       Copy of Rules and Regulations

       Up to date list of officers (if possible, a copy of resolution appointing them)

       Resolution permitting entity to approach The Credit Union for a loan


Friendly Societies/Clubs Associations  

       Copy of Rules and Regulations

       Up to date list of officers

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