August 22nd, 2018

Everyone likes to earn money.

Why not do so be doing well in school?

Simply perform well in your end of term exams,

Submit your report card to the FND Credit Union at the end of each term And watch your savings GROW!!

The FND Credit Union rewards their Youth Savers for good performances in school 3 TIMES each year.

Not a Youth Saver with FND Credit Union?

Just open an account for your child with $5.00 or more. You can submit your child’s next end of term report card immediately after opening

Pennies Have Power Programme

1 – 1 full basket… or in this case your savings account.

FND Credit Union encourages savings in every way possible. The more pennies you save the more you can do with your money.

Benefits of PHP

– Teaches children the real value of small currency pieces.

– Teaches children to not throw away their coins. They are legal tender and can be

– Savings pennies regularly can help discipline you to saving dollars regularly

– Children will be better to identify coins, learn to make fragmented changes correctly

How it works

– Collect your loose change

– Sort them in separate bags

used to buy things they want.

  • Place 100 pieces in each bag of pennies, nickel , dime, quarter or $1
  • Place 50 pieces in each bag of 2cents

– Add total amount of coins you have collected

– Take them to your FND Credit Union for convert them to DOLLARS

All you have to do is

1.   Get good grades on your exam

2.   Take your report card to the FND Credit Union

3.   Get paid for all your top grades

Overview of the Program

Benefits to your students

  • Motivation to perform better on exams
  • Encourage studying and better preparations for tests
  • Learn the value of saving small amounts early
  • Encourage saving habit in students early


  • Current Youth Account Holders
  • Primary School Students (Kindergarten to Grade 6)
  • First year High School students (First form)
  • All eligible students must first open an account as reward funds are credit to account only.


  • Parents are required to present their children’s report card at the end of the term.
  • The report must be duly signed by the class Teacher, the Principal and parents (where applicable)
  • Students are awarded on a graded scale
  • Funds will be credited directly to the student’s account

Students without an account will also benefit from this program. They simply need to open a Savings Account at the FND Credit Union.

Opening a New Youth Account

  1. $5.00 or more
  2. Birth certificate or passport of child/children
  3. 2- government issued Ids for parents

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