FND Credit Union partners with the Ministry of Education in Text Book Cover Drive

The FND Enterprise Cooperative Credit Union (FNDECCU) has again demonstrated its commitment to youth development in the Federation with a donation of 200 Text Book Covers to the Ministry of Education through its Student Learning Fund (S.E.L.F). The Fund is currently vigorously pursuing a “Book Care Drive” as part of their initiative in helping students maintain and take responsibility for the text books on loan to them during the academic year.

At the handing over of the cheque at the FND Credit Union’s headquarter this morning, Ms. Bassue, Coordinator of the SELF program, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the Ministry of Education to the FND Credit Union. She stated, “We believe for the scheme to be effective, minimisation of replacement of textbooks is important. A number of initiatives have been targeted to achieve this, for the upcoming school year. The covering of textbooks on loan to students is one such initiative. On receipt of books, children will be encouraged to cover them before using. The S.E.L.F Department, believes in the adage ‘example set is example followed’, and thus is presenting students with book covers”.

The Representative at the Credit Union highlighted the Coordinator of its philosophy of being thrifty. She also stated that the Ministry of Education would no doubt be able to engage is minor cost containment with the use of the covers, as the books are costly to repair and/or replace.

The Book covers will be available for the upcoming school year and parents are encouraged to take advantage of this free gift on behalf of the students.

The FND Credit Union came into high praise early this month from the Estridge Primary School with a donation of gifts to the highest achiever of the class of 2012. Gifts were awarded to Valedictorian Ms Zhanel Akers and Salutatorian Ms. Rheyanna Davis.

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