Signing MOU Between FND and St.Kitts Teachers Union

In an official signing ceremony held today, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the headquarters of the FND Credit Union. Representatives from the Executive of both organizations were on hand to witness the beginning of this partnership.

The FND Enterprise Co-operative Credit Union is one of the Federation’s fastest growing financial institutions that caters to the overall financial growth and development of its members. The recent growth of the FND Credit Union has allowed it to pay its members a 6% dividend in the most recent audited fiscal year. This growth is testament to the Credit Union’s commitment of enhancing lives as the first choice in business and financial services. The St. Kitts Teachers Union, recognizing the significance of partnering with a sister union organization, and in its need to further enhance their members’ overall development, welcomed the opportunity of establishing a relationship with a strong-based Credit Union.

President of the FND Credit Union welcomed SKTU and its members and urged them to fully utilize the products and services that were specially designed for them. He noted “that the SKTU is at the forefront of providing education, training and discipline to our youths. With this partnership the Teachers and members for the Teaching profession will have more convenient access to superior financial services. Mr. Jenkins also noted that “the teaching profession is a stressful one and the partnership with the FND Credit Union will alleviate any undue stresses that come from trying to find the best financial products to suit the SKTU members’ needs. The FND Credit Union will “look-out” for Teachers as ‘we’ do not want to add any additional burden to their professional lives, thus the specifically designed ‘hassle-free’ products and services…

Mr. Jenkins further mentioned that the FND Credit Union is open to partnering with other organizations with a zeal for educating their members and providing superior financial service.

In addressing the gathering, President of the SKTU stated “The St Kitts Teachers’ Union is responsible for the enhancement and protection of the economic welfare, professional development and personal well being of our members and the promotion of the educational interests of St Kitts. The SKTU prides itself on being an institution that is dedicated to the development of not just the nation’s teachers but education on a whole. I am pleased …to establish this partnership with the FND Enterprise Cooperative Credit Union to provide well needed services to meet the financial needs of our members and to work collaboratively with FND Credit

The MOU was signed by Mr. Peter Jenkins, President, and Terrence Crossman, Treasurer on behalf of the FND Credit Union and Mr. Rhon Dublin-Collins, President and Mrs. Carlene Henry-Morton, General Secretary, on behalf of the St. Kitts Teachers Union.

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